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MIXC Humidity Dome 7

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MIXC Humidity Dome 7

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MIXC Humidity Dome 7


Product Description

This humidity dome adds 4 vents in total, which makes it can control humidity more effectively. Most of the domes only have 2 vents, but we have FOUR.
The outer dimension of this humidity dome is 21.25"x 11.02"x 6.77". This is the tallest humidity dome in the market, let's make enough space for seedling growth.
These humidity domes fit perfectly on our heavy duty 1020 flat trays and other standard 10x20 flats in the market.
The dome close well and forms a tight seal seal to maintain warmth and humidity- ensures the healthy and robust growth of your plants.
Ideal for seed, clone, and cutting propagation, these thin wall domed propagators strike a perfect balance between lightweight ease of use and long-wearing durability.