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80W LED Plant Light Strips Bars 6 Strips

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80W LED Plant Light Strips Bars 6 Strips

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80W LED Plant Light Strips Bars 6 Strips


  • 【80W LED plant strips with 5 dimmable modes】: Our LED plant light strips have 5 adjustable brightness levels that can be easily dimmed from 20% to 100% to accommodate various stages of indoor plant growth. Plant light strips help to accelerate the growth of seedlings and succulents, to improve the germination percentage of the plant.
  • 【Automatic switching on/ off Everyday】: The advanced timer of our LED plant light strips allow you to turn it on and off at a pre-set time and cycle everyday. You can set 2 sets of cycle timing in total. Use our LED plant light strips to provide the best light by setting the best time for your indoor plants.
  • 【Sunlike full spectrum grow light】: Each LED plant light strip contains 21 pieces of efficiently growing LED Chips that deliver targeted spectra for indoor plants. A total of 42 Yellow LED chips help indoor plants with chlorophyll synthesis to absorb more energy for better germination; A total of 84 RED LED chips contribute to photosynthesis, germination, flowering and results. Effect usually shows up within 2 weeks.
  • 【Installation is effortless】: Our LED plant strips include FOUR easy self-installation options: magnet, tapes, cable ties, easy to place at home and your greenhouses, place at anywhere such as Iron frame and smooth wooden panels. Up to 6 light strips can be connected to each other; more than 6 strips may reduce the effect of LED plant lights.
  • 【Good heat dissipation】: Our LED plant strips are made from heat conductive aluminum alloy with passive heat dissipation, which makes its heat dissipation excellent. Heat is reduced quickly and the lamp stays cool even after 48 hours of continuous use. This LED plant strips does not heat up even after 24 hours of constant use, so that your indoor plants are not damaged and the plant light lasts longer.